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Sammut Marine Group is a leading marine and land-based civil engineering firm, renowned in Malta and internationally. 

Our services range from the design and construction of revetment walls, seawalls, breakwaters, rock bund constructions, land reclamation, concrete precasting works as well as the design and construction of land-based buildings such as hotels, commercial and residential buildings and excavation works. 

We provide both mechanical and hydraulic dredging options that will maintain the needed depths for efficient navigation and/or construction. From mass removal to detailed dredging, we have the ability to find an optimum solution to your requirements and the project needs including disposal in offsite locations. 


Sammut Marine are also pleased to announce that we offer underwater inspections and survey work. We provide several choices to help you understand the conditions of your structure below the water-line. These options include high quality dive inspections with experienced certified commercial divers, underwater acoustic imaging, and high-resolution multi-beam hydrographic surveys. Each of the above options uses the latest technologies to collect data and create the detailed information that you need to monitor your structures. 

The company has a large assortment of marine and land equipment and accessories to help you complete your project in the most efficient and timely manner. 

Land reclamation - Sliema

Project consisted of land reclamation of approx. 600 sqm. Works involved the preparation of a number of different precast elements, construction of 3mx3m columns below the main site level, 900mm diameter piles, concrete decking and a 2.5m high wave wall, along the perimeter of the reclaimed area. Works also included the construction of two swimming pools, landscaped decking, balance tanks, pump room and other related works which have been provided by the help of our barges.

Stand up poster.jpeg

Construction of Slipway - Birzebbugia

Works at Birzebuggia consisted of the demolition of an existing quay, excavation works (both above and under water), and re-construction of a new/larger quay involving, precast and insitu concrete elements including a new slipway complete with fenders, railings, mooring tools, etc. 


Construction of Slipway - Mistra

The Mistra project consisted in the demolition of the existing slipway and careful removal of granite blocks, storing them on site for later reuse and the reconstruction of the same quay whilst retaining the same heritage features.

WhatsApp Image 2022-11-05 at 9.06.20 AM (3).jpeg

Construction of Quay - Comino

Works involved the demolition and reconstruction of Santa Maria Quay at Comino. This project was fragmented into three parts: Demolition and excavation, shuttering, steel fixing and casting of concrete.

Santa Maria Comino 1.jpeg

Construction of Quay - Balluta

Works involved the shuttering, steel fixing and casting of concrete of Balluta Bay Quay. 


Concrete Platform - Comino

This platform is situated adjacent to the famous Blue Lagoon Bay in Comino, in shallow water of around 2.5 meters depth. Works consisted of trimming excess concrete, loading MV Gold Dredger and disposal. We then leveled the seabed using a grab and installed the shuttering with the assistance of commercial divers. Shuttering was reinforced by means of blocks. The steel reinforcement was lowered in position and concrete was casted through appropriate chutes. 

Santa Maria Comino 3.jpeg

Dredging / Sandpumping - Marsaxlokk

For this project, our crane barge M/V Gold Dredger was utilized. Prior to commencement of pumping, precast blocks will be placed on Fajtata beach with a separation between each block. The seperation between the blocks was essential in order to allow sea water to run through the gaps between each block whilst the sand remains in the beach. 

Once the blocks were positioned in place, a sand pump was used to suck up sand from the burrowing area and was directly moved to the Fajtata beach area. Sand was pumped to a distance of 200m. 

After Sammut Marine had pumped the required amount of sand, the temporary concrete blocks were removed and the area was demobilized.

Sand Pumping 3.jpeg

Dredging / Sandpumping - Birzebbugia

Works involved dredging sand from a borrowing area established by the authorities. Sand was dredged using MV Gold Dredger and loaded onto a non propelled barge. Barge was then towed via MV Goldfinder (vessel) while another Crane Barge was awaiting its arrival to unload the sand onto the beach. This process was repeated until we established the required level.

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