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Sammut Marine have been involved in the design and construction business for the last 35 years and is nowadays a market leader in marine and land construction,

delivering innovation with the highest quality and safety.

Our services range from repairs to new installations, dredging, construction of deep foundations to high end residential and commercial developments.

Sammut Marine Group mobilises the best equipment, technology and talent to make your project a success.

The company’s commitment to providing its customers with the most reliable

resources is reflected in its efforts to obtain the highest standards of independent

assessment of its skills. This is evident from its extensive industry qualifications of

its senior personnel, who have over 35 years of combined work experience in the

marine and land-based construction sectors.

Our steady growth and expansion has transformed the company to be one of the

leading marine and construction companies in Malta. This has lead to a policy of

investment in equipment and expansion through several projects beyond our shores.

Years of Experience:

Projects Completed:




10 (internal) + 30 (external) on project basis


Sammut Marine Group will strive to create, preserve and enhance long-term values for our stakeholders, providing the best possible support through the provision of tailored solutions and exceptional management skills and practices, through zero incidents/accidents and exceptional quality standards.


Sammut Marine Group is the leading organisation of choice for all marine and land-based construction in Malta, Europe and North Africa.

Our Values

  • We aim to exceed our customer’s expectations

  • We encourage teamwork and deliver our work to the best of our ability

  • We work to achieve professional and commercial success

  • We embrace change and continuous improvement

  • We respect the environment and the communities were we work

  • We treat everyone with respect

  • We deliver on our promises

  • We develop innovative, efficient solutions that create value for our customers


Sammut Marine Group sets the bar high as we perform our duties and work to the best of our ability, making sure we exceed the standards set forth by our clients. We co-operate with each other, trying our best in any circumstance using our individual skills and working collaboratively to achieve the requested goal.

Our Services




Sammut Marine Group is a leading marine and land-based civil engineering

firm, renowned in Malta and abroad. Our services range from the design and construction of revetment walls, seawalls, breakwaters, rock bund constructions, land reclamation, concrete precasting works as well as the design and construction of land-based buildings such as hotels, commercial and residential buildings and excavations works.



Sammut Marine Group can provide both mechanical and hydraulic dredging options that will maintain the needed depths for efficient navigation and/or construction.

From mass removal to detailed dredging, we have the ability to find an optimum solution to your requirements and the project needs including disposal in offsite locations.



Sammut Marine Group can provide several choices to help you understand the conditions of your structure below the waterline. These options include high quality dive inspections with experienced 

certified commercial divers,

underwater acoustic imaging,

and high-resolution multi-beam hydrographic surveys. Each of the above options uses the latest technologies to collect data and create the detailed information that you need to monitor your structures.



Sammut Marine Group fleet includes:
1) Flat Barges

2) Crane Barges

3) Jack-up Barges

4) Tug boats

5) Land cranes

6) Trucks

7) Excavators

The company has a large assortment of marine and land equipment and

accessories to help you complete your project in the most efficient manner.



Sammut Marine Group divers can place concrete, weld, cut, grout, dredge and accomplish whatever else may be required to keep your structure in good condition.

Our divers will eliminate the added cost of an expensive cofferdam structure and thereby, can often shorten the project schedule. Our divers specialise in zero-visibility conditions and use state of the art equipment to carry out repairs safely.



Sammut Marine Group are fully equipped to handle medium to large scale land-based projects including excavation of the site – if necessary.


We can take projects from the concept stage right to the detailed architectural and structural design and implementation of the drawings. Sometimes we partner with professional engineers, other contractors or form joint ventures to cater for the different needs of our clients.

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